Feedback on the new Tallinn planning register expected until August 31

Tallinners interested in the development of their hometown are welcome to try the updates on the test website of Tallinn Planning Register and give feedback until 31 August.

All public documents concerning the detailed plans of Tallinn being processed shall be published in the register. The prototype is available at https://tallinn-prototype.netlify.app/.

People's feedback on the prototype is very welcome through the feedback form at https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/c773340629934b4eba88f1f62b216f90 and the feedback period has been extended until the end of August.

Although not all functionalities work in the prototype, you can see the documents, position plans and initial visualisations of the planned detailed plans of Pikaliiva 69 (https://tallinn-prototype.netlify.app/DP045560) and Pae 1 (https://tallinn-prototype.netlify.app/dp044700) as examples. Compared to the current register, a 3D view of the planned area and a new feedback form have been added to the prototype, and the prototype also pays more attention to explaining the procedural steps of the detailed plans.

The aim of the process is to make the user interface of the register easier to use for the average user, so that it would be easier for citizens to get information about spatial planning plans that affect their living environment. As a result of testing the new service design, the city aims to get the residents’ opinion on the performance and user experience of the planning register, so that the finally implemented solution would meet the needs of the population.

Spatially coherent urban environment and greater involvement of residents in spatial planning is the target goal of Tallinn's long-term development strategy "Tallinn 2035". Several innovations are expected in the creation of urban space. Among other things, the user experience of the detailed planning service is being improved.

The service design process has been led by external experts from the London design agency FutureGov and a dozen specialists from the Tallinn Strategy Centre and the Urban Planning Department. In the program, Tallinn focuses on three aspects of developing the detailed planning process: improving planning solutions and process communication, raising the quality of the feedback process, and linking the space creation process to the bigger picture of the city. To date, a large-scale redesign of the planning service has been carried out - in-depth interviews have been conducted with users and several prototypes of the planning register have been tested.

The program has been running for over a year and has now come to an end in the form of a public test period. The tested and functional solutions will be integrated into the working environment of the Tallinn Planning Register from the last quarter of 2021.

The project is supported by the Bloomberg Philanthropies Foundation, founded by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Together with 20 other European cities, Tallinn participates in an international initiative led by Bloomberg Philanthropies, which aims to accelerate digital innovation. Cities receive expert technical assistance, including design support, to improve services for residents.