First meeting of the ACCESS project expert group

The first expert group meeting for the ERDF Urbact programme project ACCESS took place last week. The aim of the project is to develop an action plan that will help improve the accessibility of culture for citizens. The ACCESS project will focus, first and foremost, on the Kopli area, however the action plan created during the project can be scaled for other districts of Tallinn.

The project's expert group is made up of leaders of creative fields and entrepreneurs, local non-profits as well as residents and employees of different city establishments who will take responsibility for the successful implementation of the project. The first meeting was spent getting to know each other and sharing overviews of progress made so far.

The project was opened by a virtual introduction by the leading expert, Rebekah Polding from Amsterdam, followed by an introduction to the goals, action plan and expected results of ACCESS.
A joint brainstorming session was held to map out the main problems that could act as inhibiting factors for culture access in the target area. The main challenges are the lack of a common information space and the lack of accessible culture in the Kopli area.

In order for the expert group to be up to date on the situation in Kopli, the meeting was held in Kopli's Põhjala factory. The expert group consists of several local entrepreneurs, leaders of creative fields, local residents and NGOs, in addition to employees of different city establishments, including employees from the Departments of Culture, Urban Planning, Youth Work, Urban Environment and Public Works, Northern Tallinn Government and the Competence Centre for International Projects. Ragnar Siil, expert from Creativity Lab will also join the project team.

The next ACCESS project meeting will most likely take place in January 2021.

ACCESS – Culture For All

The leading partner of ACCESS: Culture For All is the city of Amsterdam. In addition to Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Sofia, Dublin, London and Lisbon will also take part of the project. The project's action plan will be successfully completed by autumn 2022.

Further information on the ACCESS project can be found here.

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