Free trainings available for young people throughout summer

Today, a series of outdoor trainings will start in Tallinn, offering young people the opportunity to do sports during the summer holidays and encourage them to exercise regularly.

As part of the training series, several coaches with top sports experience conduct volleyball, basketball and football trainings. In addition to ball games, the program also includes scooter training. Participation in summer training for young Tallinners is free of charge.

According to Deputy Mayor Vadim Belobrovtsev, the development of physical activity of children and youth is greatly affected by the values and opportunities of both home and the society. "Various studies have shown that for a happy mind and an upbeat spirit, it is recommended that one exercises actively for at least an hour per day. During the past pandemic year, however, children were more likely to sit behind screens while doing school work. That is why the city wants to encourage young people to be active by way of offering trainings throughout the summer and find joy in an active lifestyle under the guidance of experienced coaches,” said Belobrovtsev.

The trainings take place on the sports grounds of Kristiine, Haabersti, Nõmme, Pirita, North-Tallinn, Mustamäe and Lasnamäe districts, and the duration of one training is approximately 1.5 - 2 hours.

Detailed schedule and additional information on the website of Tallinn Culture and Sports Department.

All young people interested in sports are welcome to participate, no previous experience in sports is required. The Tallinn Culture and Sports Department in cooperation with the Tallinn Education Department is organizing summer trainings for young people for the second year in a row.