Hardi Alliksaar appointed Head of Tallinn City Property Department

At the meeting on Wednesday, Tallinn City Government appointed Hardi Alliksaar as the Head of the Tallinn City Property Department.

The selection for the position was carried out by a committee consisting of the City Chancellor Kairi Vaher, Deputy Mayor Andrei Novikov, the City Human Resources Director Vilve Raik and the external expert Kati Kusmin. The selection committee recommended the appointment of Mr Hardi Alliksaar as Head of the City Property Department. 

Hardi Alliksaar has been working for the Tallinn City Property Department in various positions since May 2012. He was appointed acting head of the Tallinn City Property Department on 1 November last year following the resignation of the previous Head of the Department, Ms Einike Uri. Hardi Alliksaar has a degree in entrepreneurship and business administration from the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences with a specialisation in real estate development, and a Master's degree in political science from Tallinn University.

The Tallinn City Property Department is in charge of Tallinn municipal property, activities regarding construction and estate management, land use designation and land taxation, coordination of the information centre for housing associations, and handling rental disputes.