High-speed catamaran starts on the ferry route between Tallinn and Aegna Island

From Sunday, 1 May, the navigation season on the ferry route between Tallinn and the island of Aegna will start, with the vessel departing from Patarei Harbour from the Linnahall quay and sailing to Aegna in 30 minutes.

A regular ferry service between Aegna and the mainland operates during the summer season. In 2022, the route will be operated by Spinnaker OÜ with a fast catamaran type vessel Vegtind, which can accommodate up to 90 passengers and 20 bicycles.

"Unlike the vessel that has served the route in recent years, this year's vessel is almost twice as big and twice as fast. Tickets can be purchased in advance or on the spot, with at least 20 passenger tickets reserved for on-site sale. The ferry departs from Tallinn and also returns from Aegna twice daily on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. From 27 May to 28 August, the ship will depart from both ports three times a day on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and twice a day during the rest of the navigation period. On Tuesdays, the service will not operate," said Andrei Novikov, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn.

Tickets can be purchased in advance up to 30 minutes before departure. Boarding and on-site ticket sales will start 30 minutes before departure. Tickets can be purchased and more information about departures is available on the website of Spinnaker OÜ: www.liinilaevad.ee.

The catamaran Vegtind has a length of 29 metres, a beam of eight metres and a maximum draught of one and a half metres. The vessel has ramps, wider doors and an accessible toilet for people with reduced mobility. If necessary, the vessel can take on board 3,000 kilograms of goods, for which there is a separate cargo hold.

The Aegna Island is just 3 square kilometres, ranking 17th among Estonian islands by size. Depending on the season, between 3 and 12 households permanently reside on Aegna. A visit to Aegna need not be limited to a short trip, as there is plenty to explore for several days.

The island's coastline stretches for about 10 kilometres, and the diverse coastal types give the coastline a beautiful appearance, with sandy beaches alternating with moraine beaches. Aegna is largely covered by forest, interspersed with several marshes, and there are two designated hiking trails on the island to explore the local nature, extending three and six kilometres.

The places of interest can be explored on the Aegna Island's website at https://www.tallinn.ee/aegna/