IRONMAN Tallinn: changes in traffic

On September 5-6, the IRONMAN Tallinn and IRONMAN 70.3 Tallinn competitions and their additional events will take place There are several changes in the traffic management and public transport route schedules of Tallinn and the surrounding area due to the IRONMAN Tallinn main competitions on September 5 and the Škoda Laagri 4: 18: 4 short triathlon on September 6.

Due to the competitions, there are restrictions for parking, car traffic and changes in public transport timetables from September 5-6. In the competition area, pedestrians might also experience some waiting times in crossing streets. The organizers confirm that all residents are guaranteed access to their homes, the traffic regulators should be followed. An additional waiting time of up to 60 minutes might occur.

Licenced regulators are in place to make sure that the traffic flow is as efficient as possible. Local residents, emergency vehicles and the transport servicing local institutions get access according to the decisions made by the regulators who assess the situation and give instructions based on it. It is recommended to park your vehicles, in advance, to a spot from where you can move quickly on the day of the competition (especially the residents of Kopli and Paljassaare peninsula).

We recommend parking your vehicles in advance, where you can move quickly if necessary on the day of the competition, especially for the residents of Kopli and Paljassaare peninsula. Please note that between 8 am and 3 pm, majority of the athletes participating are on the track and therefore the road crossings may take longer. Traffic will be opened immediately and promptly after the end of the competition and the removal of equipment of traffic regulating.

On Saturday, September 5 from 6am-7pm, the bicycle ride of IRONMAN Tallinn will close public traffic in the following streets of Tallinn: Kalaranna, Tööstuse (section from Kalaranna pathway  – Kopli street), Kopli (Tööstuse street – Sirbi tram stop), Pelguranna, Lahepea (pathways), Paldiski road (the part which goes from the city from Lahepea street to Tähetorni street) and Paldiski road on the part which goes to the city from Tähetorni street to Mõisa street), the pathway from Ehitajate road to Stroomi beach. Additional buses will also be on the move on the Kopli and Paljasaare peninsulas, which will help residents to move efficiently.

The same bike distance will also close public traffic on these roads of Harju county (outside Tallinn): Harku - Hüüru - Tabasalu - Hüüru - Kiia - Vääna - Viti - Vääna-Jõesuu - Keila-Joa - Vääna - Kiia - Hüüru - Harku - Instituudi up to Laagri.

The running distance will close traffic for the duration of the day on the following streets of Tallinn: Kalaranna, Kalasadama, Põhja pst (section between Kursi– Kalasadam), Väike-Rannavärava, Kanuti, Aia, Viru, Vana Turu, Kuninga ja Kullassepa.

On Sunday, September 6, the Škoda Laagri 4: 18: 4 short triathlon, which is part of the triathlon festival program, will also bring changes to traffic in the Haabersti district. The traffic closure in the from 10am-1pm must be taken into account from the intersection of Pikaliiiva Street and Paldiski Road to Hüüru and in both directions. Traffic will also be disturbed around Lake Harku on Printsu Road and Pikaliiva Street.

During the event, information on traffic management can also be obtained from these numbers: 5151172 (Tallinn) or 58559956 (Harju County).

Detailed traffic schemes, maps and changes can be found here.

The IRONMAN Tallinn competition, which takes place on September 5, starts with a 3.8-kilometer swimming competition in Lake Harku, continues with a 180.2-kilometer cycling competition that takes participants out of the capital to the surrounding settlements and through the city to the Seaplane Harbour, and ends with a 42.2-kilometer running marathon. At the same time, the IRONMAN Tallinn 70.3 competition will take place, where participants will cover half the distance. The finish of the competition is in Noblessner. More information about IRONMAN Tallinn can be found here.

The organizers of IRONMAN TALLINN apologize for any inconvenience caused by the traffic changes and hope for the understanding of the city residents.