In Tallinn, all domestic animals must soon be registered

This week, the Tallinn City Government approved the statute of the Tallinn Pet Register, which will oblige all pets kept in the city to be listed in the register.

"The requirement of maintaining a pet register is endorsed by the Infectious Animal Disease Control Act, but another important purpose of the Tallinn Pet Register is to collect information about the pets kept in the city and to aid a lost pet to be returned to the owner," explained Deputy Mayor Kalle Klandorf. “While the current regulation for keeping dogs and cats in Tallinn suggests that only dogs and cats have to be listed in the register, according to the new statute of the Tallinn Pet Register, data on all other domestic animals will be collected.”

The current Tallinn dog register will be renamed the Tallinn Pet Register. The animal shelter segment has also been added to the updated register in order to keep records of the animals that have reached the shelter and the procedures performed on them, as well as to monitor the movement of animals and collect statistical data.

In terms of the law, a pet is an animal kept for personal entertainment or companionship. According to the regulation, a pet is also considered to be an animal trained for specific tasks and employed, for example, by people with visual impairments or the Police and Border Guard Board.

After microchipping a pet, the animal's data can be added to the register. The owners can do this themselves by logging in using the state authentication service, or submit a pre-filled form to an authorized processor, who enters the data in the register within seven working days.

As of May 2021, 64,185 pets are listed in the Tallinn Pet Register. The register enables to determine the data of the pet according to the microchip number, and the owner of the pet can change their contact information and announce the death of the animal. Authorized officials (Tallinn Municipal Police Department, Agriculture and Food Board, affiliated veterinarians, animal shelter) can view the data of pets and their owners.

The new statute of the Tallinn Pet Register will enter into force in accordance with the general procedure as soon as possible. The previous statute of the register has been established as Tallinn City Government Regulation No. 30 of 30 March 2010 “Statute of the Tallinn City Dog Register”, which will become invalid upon the adoption of this regulation.

The costs of developing and upholding the pet register are covered from the budget of the City of Tallinn.