Inclusive budget: the city goverment has developed participating conditions

The Tallinn City Government has developed the conditions for participation in Tallinn's inclusive budget, the procedural process and the procedure for selecting ideas. Ideas can be submitted by any resident of Tallinn, residents of the respective district from the age of 14 can participate in the selection of their district’s project.

“Having analyzed the best practices of other cities in this field, we have come to the most suitable solution for Tallinn, which helps to strengthen the uniting feeling of our community and also to encourage local people to think and act together. Tallinn district councils have supported the draft inclusive budget, submitting several meaningful additions. Brainstorming to find projects that improve the urban environment should start on November 16, ideas can be proposed and votes given by district," explained Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart.

The purpose of the inclusive budget is to implement a project in each district each year, based on the idea of ​​proposed and voted on by the residents of the district.

A project with a public purpose can be applied for funding from the inclusive budget, it must be available to the citizens free of charge most of the time, it must add value to the urban space and support the city's development goals. Ideas can be submitted on the Tallinn website, in the service hall (Vabaduse väljak 7) or in the city district governments from 16 November to 6 December. The proposal must describe the purpose and importance of the project, the target group, the implementation and possible timetable, and the estimated cost.

The submitted ideas and their feasibility are evaluated by an expert committee consisting of specialists, which will also involve a representative of the city government and the city council related to the idea for the evaluation process. The submitted applications will be assessed on the basis of their compliance with the conditions of an inclusive budget: whether they are feasible with a the indicative budget and in 2021, whether they enrich urban space and support Tallinn's development goals, whether there could be any technical problems with their implementation and the amount of maintenance costs, etc.

The ideas to be implemented during the year will be determined by voting in city districts. Residents of their respective district can participate in the selection of their district project starting from the age of 14. Each voter can vote for up to two projects of their choice. You can vote electronically or in person. The vote is scheduled for January 18-31.

After the vote, the ideas are ranked according to the number of votes received by districts, the idea that received the most votes is implemented. In order for the vote to be valid, a certain minimum number of residents should participate in the voting in each district: 500 voters in Kristiine, Nõmme and Pirita, at least 1,000 people in Haabersti, Kesklinn, Mustamäe and North Tallinn, and 1500 in Lasnamäe.

2021, the total amount of the inclusive budget is 800,000 euros. 75 percent of the total amount is distributed equally among the districts and 25 percent in proportion to the population of the district.

Tallinn City Council will discuss the conditions and procedure for an inclusive budget at its meeting next week.