Innovative means of involvement are tested in the city

The Tallinn Urban Planning Department is trying out an innovative involvement tool and is inviting the inhabitants to publish their ideas on a Northern Tallinn map of ideas.

The urban planners are organizing an idea gathering for the public map of general design of Northern Tallinn, in order to gather ideas to take into consideration in the perspective of the next 20 years when planning the part of the city, also when doing detail planning and giving out design terms. Most welcome are the ideas on accesses and passages, the seafront, how to maintain the views, town courts, important parts of greenery etc.

"The main goal of this idea gathering is to invite the inhabitants to think actively in order to get the valuable input for general design planning of Northern Tallinn," said Endrik Mänd, the Chief Architect of Tallinn. Proposals on the map can be made from the 8th of July until the 31st of August 2016 on gis.tallinn.ee/ideekorje/

"The idea gathering is a map of vision, that includes both the existing situation and plans for the future," said the urban planner in the Bureau of Chief Architect, Jaak-Adam Looveer. "That is why you shouldn't be surprised, if you find a town court or shopping center on the map that does not exist yet."
Looveer explained that by gathering the ideas and proposals from both the people living in the neighbourhood as well as the people interested in the development of urban development, the information exchange in the future will be more precise and clear.
The Tallinn Urban Planning Department gathers people's proposals on a public map for the first time. The geographical computer oparators are trying out, how the solution for involvement as a GIS product works. They are also trying to find out, how actively people will make propositions through the map application.
The general desgin planning for Northern Tallinn started already in 2006, in order to update the existing general desgin plan for the area. The working draft for the general desing planning can be found on the home page of Tallinn.

The idea gathering is carried out in Central Baltic Sea program within the framework of Baltic Urban Lab project.