Invitation to join Tallinn Vision Conference 2020

The Chairman of Tallinn City Council Tiit Terik invites you to join Tallinn Vision Conference 2020 Wise City is Always a Work in Progress, which will be held online on November 3-5 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at

https://www.tallinn.ee/visioonikonverents/ .

The people of Tallinn are well aware of the legend of the Ülemiste Elder, who is said to flood Tallinn, if the city is ever completed. The theme of this year’s conference is also based on that legend and the idea that a wise city is always a work in progress. This year, Tallinn was chosen by the Intelligent Community Forum out of hundreds of candidates to be among seven of the wisest communities in the world and now we are continuing as the only European city in running for the title of the most intelligent city in the world. Digital services have become an integral part of the Estonian lifestyle. We have become so used to it, that sometimes we do not even realize that our innovative and smart solutions set an example to the rest of the world.
The city is developing and citizens are becoming more knowledgeable. Along with that, the city environment is also developing. Tallinn has many areas which once had a completely different function. Former industrial areas and deserted wastelands are transforming. Their new function has brought or is bringing them back to life. How can we use innovation, various knowledge, collected data and smart solutions for the benefit of the developing life environment and, more importantly, for the people?

This year Tallinn’s vision conference will be held in a new way - online. Each day will have a different topic: “City Architecture and City Planning”, “Smart City: a Clever Public Space”*, and “Vision of the Future: Wise City Is Always a Work in Progress”. Video presentations will be followed by a panel discussion, which is moderated by journalist Neeme Raud.
Tallinn vision conference invites you to think along on the topics of a wise city and city planning.

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Conference program is available at https://www.tallinn.ee/eng/visionconference

* Second day of the conference, November 4th, will be translated into English