Kadrioru Park and City Centre parks lit up for the light festival

Organized every year at the beginning of autumn, the popular light festival, initially started in Kadrioru Park, has considerably expanded - this year, light installations will be lit both in Kadrioru Park and in many other parks in the City Centre.

"The light installations that are lit on three nights – September 16, 17 and 18 – offer the spectators joy and cosiness in many parks and green areas of the city centre - so instead of large gatherings of visitors in Kadriorg, people can enjoy the beauty and charm of light also all over the central city," said Monika Haukanõmm, Head of City Centre Administration. "Of course, this extension of the area also serves the purpose of complying with the restrictions due to the spread of the virus. That's why this time the light displays are not complemented by musical and dance performances, not to attract many people to the same place at the same time.”

Light installations decorate, for example, Harjumägi, the green area of ​​Harju Street, the surroundings of St. Nicholas Church and several other green areas around the Old Town for three evenings. The newly opened Kanuti is also included in the light festival.

The light festival is organized by the city authority Kadrioru Park.

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