Statistics: last year, Tallinn’s oldest groom and bride were 80

In 2019, there were 2,413 marriages registered at the Tallinn Vital Statistics Department, 58 more than in 2018.

There were 737 foreign citizens who got married, most of them had Russian citizenship (338), followed by Ukrainian (123), Belarussian (26) and Latvian (22). In total, citizens of 64 different countries were represented, including Ghana, Colombia, South Korea, Cambodia and Gambia.

523 certifications for marrying abroad were issued for 62 different countries. The most exotic countries in this list were Cambodia, the Republic of Ecuador and the Kingdom of Bahrain. Women applied for the certificate 268 times last year and men 255 times.

With 316 marriages, August was the most popular month to get married. In 1,810 marriages, woman took a man’s last name and 46 men did the opposite. The wedding ceremonies were held at a place outside the Vital Statistics Department grounds on 165 occasions.

Marriage anniversaries were celebrated at the Vital Statistics Department on six occasions – celebrations of four gold, one sapphire and one silver wedding took place.

In 2019, 1,325 divorce applications were filed in the department. There were 1,092 divorces registered, 56 fewer than in 2018.

The natural increase in Tallinn is still positive, with 378 more births than deaths. 4,917 births were registered, 2,491 boys and 2,426 girls were born. 75 twins and 3 triplets were registered. The youngest mother was 16 and the oldest 50, the youngest father was 18 and the oldest 62 years old. The largest age gap between the parents was 33 years. 2,494 children were born to married parents. In 2,300 cases, paternity was officially acknowledged, in 123 occasions the birth was registered by a single parent. Of the parents who registered the birth, 1,171 were foreigners.

The most popular girls' names of 2019 in Tallinn were Alisa, Mia, Emilia and Eva. The most popular boys' names were Mark, Hugo, Artjom and Artur.

1,140 applications for name changes were filed and 964 new names were issued, 90 more than the previous year. New first name was given 274, new last name 616 and both first and last name 74 times. The surnames of ancestors were the most sought.

2,402 deaths were registered in the department. As of July 1st 2019, health care providers (GPs, hospitals, ambulances, etc.) automatically transfer death data to the population register and issue a death certificate.

6,744 certificates of past family events were issued, of them 3,693 were in a foreign language representing 55% of the total number of certificates issued.

Compared to the number of civil status records registered in counties and local governments, the Tallinn Vital Statistics Department performed 48% of marriages, 35% of births, 32% of deaths, 53% of divorces, 62% of name changes and issued 65% of all family event certificates in Estonia.