Mayor: Tallinn to reveal exit strategy next week

Tallinn City Government is working on the emergency situation strategic exit plan, exact timeline will be made public next week

„We must, of course, base our decisions on the decisions made by the Government, but also keep in mind the unique position of Tallinn. Compared to other local governments, the majority of people live here and we have to highest population density,“ said the Mayor Mr Mihhail Kõlvart. „This is why we cannot move on with the same pace as other local governments. Our approach that we are currently working on is strategic and the exit will be conducted based on a very specific time and activity plan. We will be ready to present the plan already next week,“ added the Mayor.

Kõlvart noted that the topic of opening outdoor gyms starting from May 2 was thoroughly analysed and a mutual agreement was concluded – the city is not prepared to open them. „In the context of Tallinn, we are not prepared to fill the proposed requirement of continuous disinfecting of the outdoor gyms. We have 55 of them in the capital and they should be cleaned after each use,“ noted the Mayor. „Our exit plan will definitely have the dates of the opening of the playgrounds and dog walking areas,“ continued Kõlvart.

The Health Board chief doctor Dr. Arkadi Popov said that the peak of the infections has already happened in Tallinn. „Last week there was a serious concern over how the infection curve would behave – whether they stabilise or keep growing, but today we can see some signs of positive Dynamics,“ explained Popov. „Last week, the age group of 50+ had the most new infections, now it is in a decline. If we look at the infection curves, it can be seen that the rate of infected in Tallinn is 1:3000.“

140 people infected are under close supervision of the epidemiologists. In addition, 175 people who have been in close contact with them are also monitored.

Popov noted, that the situation is not ideal yet and they keep a close eye on it. „We need to continue working on the problem,“ said Popov. „When it comes to events and the relaxing of some measures, I urge people to act responsibly and follow the rules. In the case of instructors conducting open-air workouts, sports that allow keeping some distance should be preferred in order to minimize the risk of the spread of the virus,“ added Popov.

The Lieutenant Colonel Mrs. Jelena Mirošnitšenko added that easing the restrictions does not mean absolute freedom to engage in any activity, there is still a threat of the infection spreading. „The police has brought 25% more patrols on the streets of Tallinn. This translates to up to 60 patrols in Harju County and Tallinn daily keeping an eye on what is going on in the public space,“ said Mirošnitšenko.

„The Police recommends not to gather in groups the upcoming weekend or on any others. Places where crowds gather pose a clear risk, the virus could spread there easily. Although it is understood that the young are not the primary risk group, they could still pass the infection to their parents or grandparents,“ added the Lieutenant Colonel.