Medical care during the holidays in Tallinn

Tallinn health care institutions are working in normal holiday mode, Tallinn Ambulance is willing to work according to the unfolding situation in extended composition.

All hospitals are working full-time, emergency medical care shall be provided despite the holidays in the emergency departments of West Tallinn Central Hospital (Paldiski mnt 68) and East Tallinn Central Hospital (Ravi 18, C-block) for all the people in need around the clock. Also, the Tallinn Children's Hospital (Tervise 28) will provide emergency care in the hospital admission department around the clock. 

On the days from 23 through 31 December - the outpatient clinics, health centers and the call center of West Tallinn Central Hospital and East Tallinn Central Hospital are open for a shorter time than usual. More information about the work hours is available on the websites of both hospitals. On December 24 to 26 and on January 1, the outpatient clinics, health centers, and call centers are closed. 

Tallinn Ambulance (Tel: 112) will assign an additional brigade during the holiday, if necessary. 

The pharmacies at Tõnismägi 5 and Vikerlase 19 will provide around the clock service on all days. 

Tallinn Dental Clinic is open on 23 December, 8-18 and on 31 December, 8-17 with a shortened work day, when all the dental services are provided; on December 24, the clinic works 9-15 (emergency aid is provided, and the  X-ray room is available);  emergency aid is provided on 25 and 26 December, 9-16, and on December, 27, 9-15; on 28, 29 and 30 December, 8-20 patients will receive all treatment services; On January 1, the doctor on duty and the dental surgeon will provide emergency aid, 10-15, on January 2, 9-15 and on January 3, 9-14. 

Balneom Treatment Center dental care at Punane Street 18 works on 23 December, 8-19; on 24-27 December, 10-16; on 31 December, 8-16 and on 2 and 3 January, 10-16; On January 1, the private clinic is closed. 

Tallinn Municipal Family Health Center is open on 23 and 31 December, 8-13. The Centre strives to provide the best for their patients by providing advisory services on 23 through 31 December, 13-22 when the doctor gives advice on health issues on the telephone 504 1927. On 24 -26 December, and 1 January, the doctor provides advice to those in need, 10-16. 

Deputy Mayor Merike Martinson presses home to the city residents with regard to this year’s long holidays that they should try to be as prudent as possible in terms of possible symptoms and to purchase a sufficient supply of the necessary medications for the home before the holidays. Experience shows that the emergency departments of hospitals during this period may be too overloaded.