More than 53,000 flowers are planted in the city space

The capital will burst into bloom for its birthday as by Tallinn Day, tens of thousands of permanent and summer flowers will be planted in the public urban space. On Tallinn Day on May 15, citizens are also invited to participate in the planting work. Altogether, 4,020 plants that promote species richness will be seeded across the city.

According to Deputy Mayor Kalle Klandorf, the city pays special attention to the flowers of the urban space this year. "We have all faced the long corona restrictions and need something that will bring joy and pleasure to the eye. The aim of this year's design concept "Flowers for Health" is to positively stimulate the emotions of both citizens and guests during difficult times and to offer an aesthetic experience in the urban space," said Klandorf. “On Tallinn Day, May 15, we will also involve the townspeople in the planting work. Planting flowers together on the city's birthday connects people more with their hometown, and later, when the beds have blossomed, they can feel joy and pride in their handiwork.”

A total of 6,200 perennial flowers and 47,442 seasonal flowers will be planted in the city space this year, altogether in 16 flower beds, 312 vases, 25 flower pyramids and flower trees with hanging baskets. Compared to the previous year, there are significantly more flowers in urban space - in 50 locations instead of 23. The flowers cost €543,000 from the city budget.

Preparatory work for planting spring flowers has started at the end of March and the planting lasted from April 9 to 22. During this period, 21,158 flowers were planted, in addition to which more than 150,000 bulb flowers grow in perennial beds and grass fields. Spring flowers bloom in abundance for Tallinn Day, May 15.

The culmination is the planting of spring flowers on the city's birthday, when 4020 insect-friendly plants are planted together with the city residents. They will be planted on the future Pollinator Highway, in the beds to be built at Paldiski 48, and in Pirita beach area. In addition, more than 1,530 perennials will be planted in the green area between the lanes of Paldiski Road and on the Pallasti bridge. The landscaping of Koidu Park, where the planting areas are arranged and shrubs and perennials are added, also gets a new look. All of this will create an plentiful blooming aesthetics, as well as support the species richness and thus the goals of the green transition of Tallinn.

Spring flowers are exchanged for summer flowers no later than Midsummer's Day. The compositions of summer flowers are planned to be abundant and bright, creating positive emotions through colours and different textures. For this purpose, a total of 25,290 plants of 75 different sorts are planted into beds and vases. 180 new flower vases will be procured for the summer flower decoration, which will be used to decorate the city's main roads. 994 plants are planned for autumn planting in vases of Kaarli street and in front the monument of Eduard Vilde.

Tallinn's public space is also rich in perennial flowers. Over the years, the Tallinn Environment and Public Utilities Department has built 10,500 m2 of beds with perennial flowers and roses, on which a total of 7,500 roses and 28,000 perennials grow. This year, it is planned to add the so-called permanent beauty even more, which means planting colourful greeneries and durable perennials to courtyards all over the city.