NEW! Arvo Pärt Centre opens near Tallinn

The Arvo Pärt Centre has opened its doors in Laulasmaa, 35 kilometres west from Tallinn.

The Arvo Pärt Centre combines the composer’s personal archive with an information and music centre. It is an open meeting place for musicians, researchers, music lovers and anyone interested in Arvo Pärt’s music and world of ideas. The centre regularly hosts concerts and events.

The core of the Arvo Pärt Centre is the archive, which is comprised of information and documents related to the composer’s work in both physical and digital formats. The centre also houses Arvo Pärt’s office, so a chance encounter with the composer is not entirely impossible.

The centre is located in a picturesque setting, and in addition to the archive, also houses a 151-seat concert hall, a library, a kids’ play corner, a space for screening videos and seminar rooms. An open chapel, conceived as an abstraction of a small Orthodox temple, is located on one of the patios.

The family of the composer founded the Arvo Pärt Centre in 2010. The building’s architects are Fuensanta Nieto and Enrique Sobejano of the Spanish architecture bureau Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos.

How to gett there?

The centre is located in Laulasmaa, 35 kilometers west from Tallinn. When visiting, it is useful to keep in my mind that the centre is connected to the parking area via a small, unpaved forest road.