Nature tourism - NATTOURS is launched

Under the leadership of the Tallinn Environment Department, NATTOURS is a joint project of nature tourism of the city of Tallinn, the City of Helsinki and the Tallinn Centre of the Stockholm Environment Institute. The project that will last over two and a half years aims to popularize nature tourism objects in Tallinn and Helsinki. The Tallinn Environment Department is the first city authority to be the leading partner in a foreign project.

On Thursday, March 17, the project partners from Tallinn, Helsinki and Tallinn Centre of Stockholm Environment Institute gathered in Tallinn for the kick-off meeting of the project. The aim of the project is raising awareness of the possibilities of nature tourism in both cities, among both local residents and tourists,  the promotion of nature education and development of new sustainable nature attractions. “It is very important that NATTOURS contributes to the development of cooperation between the two neighboring capitals in the direction of nature tourism," said deputy mayor Arvo Sarapuu. "We expect to receive the results of the project in the year 2018 when Tallinn wants to become the European Green 

Capital, and the Republic of Estonia celebrates its 100th anniversary,” said the deputy mayor. “I am confident that the modern smart solutions created in the courses of the project will help better highlight and discover the richness of nature of the capital of Estonia," he added.

For achievement of the aim of the project "NATTOURS - sustainable nature trails in cities, using new IT-solutions" have been designed for two main results. The first of these is the web portal and applications, which include nature tourism and nature education-related information for all objects of nature in the cities, Tallinn and Helsinki. The portal will bring together different IT solutions in the form of GPS-guided tours, maps, etc., offering interesting materials for many different audiences. Another result will be new facilities that will be built in both cities in locations suitable for nature observation.

The important focal points of the project are for example bird-watching and the significantly varied vegetation of both cities. Thanks to the actions being taken, the information about the diverse natural heritage will reach both local residents and foreigners, access to nature sites will improve and new opportunities will emerge for the promotion of nature education.

The project will be funded to the extent of 85% by the Central Baltic Programme of the European Regional Development Fund Interreg of the European Union. The project will run from March 2016 until the end of October 2018. Project website http://www.tallinn.ee/NATTOURS.

Additional Information:

Jonatan Heinap
NATTOURS Communications Manager
Tel. +372 6400900

Triin Sakermaa
NATTOURS Project Manager
Tel. +372 6 404 287