New Year’s Eve fireworks will take place all over Tallinn

Instead of the traditional firework display in Vabaduse väljak, this year there will be several fireworks across Tallinn to avoid large gatherings and overcrowding of public transport. Meanwhile, Tallinn City Government and the Estonian Animal Welfare Society are making a joint statement to call on the townspeople not to make private fireworks and to take part in the salutes safely organized by the city.

One of the city’s fireworks will be organized on Reidi tee, where there is enough space to follow the 2 + 2 rule and keep the distance. Each city district - except Kristiine and Nõmme - has local firework displays at the turn of the year, which can be enjoyed safely and securely. In Haabersti, fireworks will be organized by Õismäe pond, in Lasnamäe in Lindakivi and Tondiloo parks, in Põhja-Tallinn on Stroomi beach, and in Pirita at the TV Tower. The exact location of the local fireworks of Mustamäe district will be announced in the near future.

Tallinn City Government and the Estonian Animal Welfare Society have also joined forces to invite the people of Tallinn to avoid making private fireworks. Unfortunately, lighting fireworks in the yard of apartement buildings or private houses is a concern every year and throughout December. This is done without prior warning and in different places in the city, where it can pose a threat to both humans and animals.

Fireworks are an incomprehensible and frightening phenomenon for animals, during which pets can injure themselves or end up in a dangerous situation in a panic attack. Similarly, birds living in cities can panic and fly into power lines, or so fast and far that they consume their energy resources and perish. Therefore, the City of Tallinn and the Estonian Animal Welfare Society recommend entrusting the performance of fireworks to specialists and go on New Year's Eve to enjoy fireworks organized by the district government near their homes.

In order to neutralize the impact of fireworks on the environment, the City of Tallinn will plant new trees in the urban space next spring, in proportion to the carbon dioxide emitted by the fireworks into the atmosphere.

More detailed information and a map of the fireworks that will take place in the districts at the turn of the year will soon be available on Tallinn's website.