Online seminar Space for Twin Cities/ Digital City, 12 November 2020

Citizens are nowadays part of the urban innovation ecosystem. Urban smart innovation is perceived as a change process set in motion and continually designed by people who become more vocal and acquire a new role in the urban decision-making process. In this context, cities are data-driven to meet the citizen’s needs.

Thus, allowing city systems and services to be responsive and act upon data in real-time. The generation, analysis and sharing of large quantities of data (including  satellite data) is not only useful for local governments to deliver better smart city solutions, but also results in revenue for businesses managing such data.  

Space verticals have a key role to play in the smart city ecosystem as a technological enabler, at the core of cost-efficient business models.

Municipalities and local governments, who showed to be key players in the management of the COVID -19 pandemic are facing the unprecedented acceleration towards smart solutions. ESA has already a relevant position in the smart cities ecosystem with a portfolio of activities ongoing or planned in support. With the objective  to understand the needs and trends, the synergies and the best practises  ESA is launching a digital networking initiative among  Municipalities all over the world, having  adopted space enabled smart solutions  called Space for Twin Cities.

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A first series of online seminars  is foreseen in the period November – December 2020. The final agenda is under preparation and will be distributed in due time.