Over 300 lighting solutions to decorate Tallinn in winter

Tallinn's streets will be embellished with more than 300 light installations during the darkest time of the year, while a comprehensive light park, one of the largest in Europe, will be built on Vabaduse Square.

The light installations have been designed to provide a visual experience for people on foot and by car, but above all to encourage people to come and enjoy the Christmas lights first-hand. 

"It may sound paradoxical, but it is the darkest time of the year that gives us the opportunity to create and enjoy the beauty that comes from light. There are endless possibilities for decorating urban spaces with light installations, and lighting artists continue to surprise us with new ideas," said Deputy Mayor Vladimir Svet. "More and more inspiration is being found in nature, and motifs of national patterns are becoming increasingly popular. The cornflower motif, for example, has found its place on the Viru roundabout, Pärnu road and Tartu road. The Old Town with its natural Christmas trees in the glow of lights and the Christmas market with its cosy atmosphere and richly decorated Christmas tree has brought cheer to many."

One of the most spectacular projects, according to Svet, is the light installation on Vabaduse Square for the second year in a row, which will gradually be completed with new elements until Christmas. "Light fountains have been installed so far, and this week we will add illuminated trees and walk-through arches. A new element will be the cornflower motifs, and the last element will be the national patterned edging modules and benches," explained the Deputy Mayor.

Ivari Roosileht, head of Adam BD, the company that produced the winter lighting, added that the Vabaduse Square light park is likely to be one of the largest integrated winter lighting projects in Europe. "The lighting of the main elements will be controllable, together with the lighting of the lampposts of the square, giving the opportunity to create a wide variety of lighting solutions and effects."

In recent years, more and more of the city's major public places have been decorated, and the concept of light parks continues to evolve, with new decorations added every year. In four districts, decorated skating rinks have been created, bringing sparkle and warmth to the citizens’ emotions. 

The city will spend around €1.7 million on winter lighting this year.