Photo Contest "A Year in Tallinn 2021" is Open for Entries

Tallinn announced the traditional photo contest "A Year in Tallinn 2021", which is open for entries from February 15 until September 15.

The aim of the competition is to find fresh and intriguing photographs of Tallinn that would capture the events taking place in the city, the activities of the citizens, and the changes in the cityscape in different seasons.

To qualify for this year’s contest, photos must be taken during 2020 and 2021. The contest is open until September 15 and entries can be submitted on the website fotokonkurss.tallinn.ee, where there are also the requirements of the contest.

All the entries that meet the requirements will be published on September 16, and until September 21, there will be a public vote on the contest website, where the people's choice will be elected. Entries will also be evaluated by the panel that will select the winning entry and ten other noteworthy entries.

The author of the winning entry will receive a photo shop gift card worth 500 euros and the author of the people’s choice will receive a photo shop gift card worth 100 euros and a book. The special prizes are also 100-euro photo shop gift cards.

Tallinn has organised photography contests since 2006. From 2006 to 2013, competitions were held on the topic "The best Christmas decoration". Since 2014, the topic has been "A Year in Tallinn". Last year, Tallinn cooperated with MTÜ Looduskiri and presented its special prizes in the photo contest of the magazine "Eesti Loodus" („Estonian Nature“).