Photo exhibition "Our own" on display in Tammsaare Park

The photo exhibition “Our own” – a series of portraits featuring members of all the different ethnic groups living in our small country – is on display in Tammsaare Park.

This exhibition shows just how diverse the population of such a tiny country can be.  There are nearly 200 ethnic nationalities in Estonia – plus we have some very distinct cultural minorities like Kihnu, Ruhnu, Mulgi, Võro, Hiiu, Saare, Viru, Seto and others.

“There is so few of us on this piece of land that we shouldn’t make a confrontational distinction between ‘us and them’ or ‘our own and strangers’,” explained the administrator of the exhibition and one of the authors of said portraits Annika Haas. “It is easier and better to treat each other as our own even though we are a bit different. The photos feature Roma (colloquially known as Gypsies), Russian Old Believers, representatives of the Muslim community and many others.”

The administrator of the exhibition is Annika Haas with photographers being Annela Samuel, Rait Tuulas, Birgit Püve, Jérémie Jung and Annika Haas. The design concept was created by Katri Haarde and printing services were provided by Digiprint. The project was jointly implemented by the Tallinn Municipal Engineering Services Department and the municipal agency Kadrioru Park.