Photo exhibition "Year-round in Tallinn" opened in the Vabaduse Square tunnel

From this week until 31 December, the Vabaduse Square tunnel hosts an exhibition of the winning entries in the photo competition "Year-round in Tallinn 2021".

By organising the competition, the city seeks to draw attention the connection between urban space and nature. The aim is to discover photos that capture events and activities in the city and the changing image of the city at different times of the year.

"Tallinn's urban environment, with all its diversity, offers a wealth of inspiration for photographers, which was reflected in the 172 entries to this year's competition. Capturing the urban landscape gives photographers a chance to notice the biodiversity around us and the connections between human society and the elements of nature," said Elena Sapp, Deputy Head of the Tallinn Urban Environment and Public Works Department. "People have photographed beautiful natural landscapes, animals and birds, existing architecture and buildings under construction. The contestants have played with light and shadow, rain and reflections. The result is an impressive gallery that exposes the cityscape through the eyes of its inhabitants and highlights the harmony between nature and the city."   

Cristo Pihlamäe's photo "Reflection" was the winner of the 2021 Grand Prize. The People's Favourite prize went to Alina Kemppinen's work "The yachts".

Ten outstanding photos were granted special prizes: "Autumn Evening in Snell Park" by Viive Herne, “Luck” by Anna Borunova, "Sunset at Port Noblessner" by Corin Nichols, "Resident of Haabersti" by Karolina Malkov, “City centre in full moon” by Raigo Tõnisalu, “Wren” by Erik Karits, “Misty Pirita beach” by Yulia Cheshkovskaya, “I offer carpet-cleaning service” by Erik Karits, “The city in reflection” by Yulia Nikolaeva, and "Escape" by Anna Borunova (Kadriorg Park Special Prize).

Organizing photography contests is already a long tradition in Tallinn: in 2006–2013, competitions were organized for photos of the best Christmas decorations. Since 2014, the theme of the photo contest organized by the Tallinn Environment and Public Works Department has been the year-round in Tallinn.

The exhibition of the winning entries was opened in the Vabaduse Square tunnel on 24 November and will remain open until the end of the year. All this year's photos can be seen on the Tallinn website: fotokonkurss.tallinn.ee/fotod.