Pollinator corridor – a part of Tallinn’s vision as a finalist of the European Green Capital 2022

On Friday, July 10th, the concept of the pollinator corridor (project Augmented Urbans, Central Baltic Programme) was presented to the press in Northern Tallinn. The district’s pollinator corridor expands from Kopli freight station all the way to Stroomi beach and is a part of an even longer biologically diverse green corridor that goes through the city.

„With big environmental projects such as the pollinator corridor, Tallinn sets an example to Estonia and Europe,“ said the Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart. „Biological diversity is in danger due to human activity and climate change – species disappear and especially insects are in danger. That is why we are focusing on maintaining the biodiversity present here in Tallinn.“

The planned insect migration corridor connects city districts, neighbourhoods, building areas and valuable greeneries. The area is right now, a high-voltage (110 kV) power line air-cable network corridor that will be substituted with underground cables, leaving new public space development possible. The longer, 13 km green corridor, of which the Northern-Tallinn corridor is just a part of, runs from the western border of Tallinn right up to the footsteps of the Old Town, following a former railway and high voltage transmission cable corridor previously mentioned.

Last summer, scientists concluded a ’pollinator inventory’ in the area, in which the scope of species present was studied. The area is very important because rare species are also present – more than 20 species of butterflies and 10 species of bumblebees have been observed. Most of the bumblebee species residing in Estonia are under protection.

"Tallinn has plenty to share with our region and Europe as well. We share the values of the European Green Capitals and we are ready to contribute in sharing them,“ noted Kõlvart. „Projects like the insect migration corridor, are a good example. Tallinn is getting greener each year and we surely stay the course,“ added the mayor.

Tallinn is the finalist of the European Green Capital 2022 award, which is an initiative of the European Commission.

Read more on the planned insect corridor here. 

Photo: Pixabay