Prime minister and Mayor opened the 20th annual Tallinn Day

The annual Tallinn Day opened Saturday morning with the traditional meet-up of Tallinn Mayor and Prime Minister at the Lühike Jalg gates in the Old Town.

As per tradition, Prime Minister Kaja Kallas arrived at the gate, which once demarcated the lower town and the upper town, knocking on its wooden door, to be answered by Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart. The Northern Prefect of the Police and Border Guard Board Joosep Kaasik gave the Prime Minister and the Mayor an overview of what is happening in the capital.

Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart noted that on May 15, 1248, King Erik IV of Denmark assigned the Lübeck rights to the city of Tallinn. “A couple of hundred years later, however, a wall was built between Tallinn and Toompea. Initially intended for road safety purposes, the wall was soon symbolically named the Wall of Distrust because there were occasional conflicts between the two districts. Today's meeting, however, symbolizes trust and good cooperation between the state and Tallinn," said Kõlvart.

According to Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, the wall dividing the two districts indeed embodied the alleged hostility between upper and lower town. "Until a few centuries and years ago, it was an enmity between Toompea and the suburbs, but I am pleased that it no longer exists and we are glad that we can cooperate and that this gate is open all the time," said Kallas.

Tallinn Day, which started in 2002, marks the granting of Lübeck rights to Tallinn in 1248, with which Tallinn also joined the Hanseatic League