Rävala puiestee closed and public transport diverted due to Europe Day concert

Due to the Europe Day concert by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tallinn city centre, the intersections of Rävala puiestee with Lembitu and Lauteri streets and the squares of Teatri and Islandi will be closed to traffic today, 9 May from 6.30pm until midnight.

 The routes of bus lines 3, 15, 16, 17, 17A, 23, 31, 42, 54, 56, 67 and 68 and trolley lines 1 and 3 will be temporarily diverted during the  period, and sections of Lembitu and Lauteri streets between Rävala puiestee and Kauka street will be closed.

Due to the traffic changes and the diversion of public transport, the time needed to reach the destination in the city centre is likely to be significantly longer than usual.

Bus No. 3 will run from Laikmaa street to Liivalaia street and back via Rävala puiestee.

Bus No. 15 will run from Viru keskus to Rävala puiestee via Narva road and Laikmaa street and from Rävala puieste to Viru keskus via Laikmaa street.

Bus No. 16 will run from Vabaduse väljak to Liivalaia street via Estonia puiestee, Laikmaa street, Rävala puiestee and Liivalaia street on the Tallinn-Väike direction, and from Liivalaia street to Vabaduse väljak via Rävala puiestee, Laikmaa street, Gonsiori street and Estonia puiestee on the Väike-Õismäe direction.

Buses No. 17, 17A and 23 in the Central Bus Station direction will turn from Kaarli puiestee to Pärnu road after the Vabaduse väljak stop and continue to Liivalaia and Juhkentali streets. In the direction of Kadaka, buses No. 17, 17A and 23 will run from Juhkentali street to Vabaduse väljak via Liivalaia street, Rävala puiestee, Kaubamaja street and Estonia puiestee.

The final stop of buses 31 and 56 in the city centre will temporarily be the Estonia bus stop, where buses 24A normally stop.

Bus No. 42 and trolleys No. 1 and 3 will run from Kaubamaja to Vabaduse väljak via Kaubamaja street, Rävala puiestee, Laikmaa and Gonsiori streets and Estonia puiestee.

The final stop of bus No. 54 in the city centre will temporarily be Kaubamaja stop (bus No. 23 stop on the Kaubamaja side), while buses in the city centre direction go to Kaubamaja stop via Liivalaia street, Rävala puiestee and Kaubamaja street. In the direction of Kurina, buses run from Kaubamaja stop to Juhkentali street via Kaubamaja street, Estonia puiestee, Georg Otsa street, Pärnu maantee and Liivalaia street.

The final stop of buses No. 67 and 68 in the city centre will temporarily be Estonia stop, where bus No. 24A normally stops. In the direction of Estonia, buses will run from Gonsiori street to the temporary final stop and back via Estonia puiestee.

During the diversions, buses will stop at all bus stops along the route, except for routes 17, 17A, 23 and 54, which will not stop at Kosmos bus stop on Pärnu road.

More information is available on the Tallinn Transport website https://transport.tallinn.ee/.

Schematic showing the sections where traffic is closed, marked in brown and red:


Schematic showing the public transport diversions (the cancelled route is marked black):