Referendum of the participatory budget will begin on January 18

The referendum on the ideas submitted to Tallinn's participatory budget will start on January 18 and last until January 31, the results of the vote will be announced on February 1.

A person at least 14 years old whose place of residence registered to be Tallinn can attend the referendum. Each person participating in the vote can vote for up to two ideas of their choice in the district where they live. For example, a citizen registered in the Kristiine district cannot vote on ideas offered in Pirita, Nõmme or other district. Voting can be done both online and on paper at the district governments. Ideas are currently available on the participatory budget website, and voting links will be activated on the morning of 18th of January.

Voters need to identify themselves using an ID card, mobile ID, Smart-ID or EU eID.

All 420 proposals received were examined by a panel of experts and analysed in terms of time, money, technical and legal aspects. Ideas that did not meet the conditions for the participatory budget procedure were abstained. For example, proposals with similar content to what is already in the works in the districts or ideas that were too general.

While 99 ideas were initially forwarded to the committee of experts, it turned out that one of the ideas presented in the city center is already being addressed outside the participatory budget, so a total of 98 ideas are being voted on. Thus, people can vote for 17 ideas in Kesklinn, 16 in Lasnamäe and Kristiine each, 13 in North Tallinn, 12 in Haabersti, 11 in Nõmme, 8 in Mustamäe and 5 in Pirita. In order for the vote to be valid, a certain minimum number of citizens should participate in each district: 500 voters in Kristiine, Nõmme and Pirita, at least 1,000 people in Haabersti, Kesklinn, Mustamäe and North Tallinn, and Lasnamäe has a threshold of 1,500 votes.

Ideas to improve the urban environment were repeated most often in the proposals submitted by the citizens. For example, observation platforms, towers, monuments, art projects, fountains, drinking taps, bicycle parking, charging facilities, notice boards, recreation areas - or anything that offers added value to a citizen in an urban space. Many of the proposals were related to leisure activities - training grounds, gyms, playgrounds and sports grounds for people of all ages. The proposals also included observations on street lighting, road surface renovations or traffic safety.

For the first time, the city of Tallinn initiated a participatory budget project with a total investment of 800,000 euros in 2021. The project is intended to make residents think more about the development of the urban environment and to give them an additional opportunity to present and decide on new ideas. This year, one project in each district will be implemented within the participatory budget, which has been proposed and selected by the residents of the district.