Renovated Haabersti Youth Center opened in a new location

Every weekday, Haabersti Youth Center offers free activities in hobby groups, study assistance and leisure activities to support young people's activity and coping in social life.

Photo: Albert Truuväärt

The center has a dance, arts and crafts circle and a street art classes, various workshops and camps. The youth center is visited daily by 35-50 young people, most of whom are 7-15 years old. The new center provides better opportunities to involve more young adults, and has also created significantly better accessibility for young people with special needs. A long-awaited yard area was established, which enriches activities in outdoor conditions and city camps.

"It is also very important that the youth worker has a modern and safe working environment. The employees of our center are a team of dreams for every manager and just like that, all together, we are happy about the renovated premises,” said Kaidi Liive, the director of Haabersti Leisure Center and Haabersti Youth Center. "The renovated house did not allow all big dreams to come true, but we are still happy to have much more spacious and bright rooms for young people. We are excited about the new music room, because those interested in music were completely left out in our old house. We now also use a large hall with an outdoor terrace. The circle of nature education can be extended to the outdoor area, where you can start gardening in the spring. However, its street basketball court encourages young people to be even more active.”