Revolutionising a sector and focusing on Smart Health

Connected Health Cluster manager Piret Hirv was attending The 9th Annual Internet of Things European Summit. Piret was speaking about revolutionising a sector – the session was focused on Smart Health

It is estimated that IoT-enabled Smart Health solutions could deliver savings of €99 billion in the European Union in the years to come. By delivering insights into levels of fitness and levels of clinical care provided, by supporting the remote monitoring of patients, and managing the prevention of diseases more efficiently, IoT can considerably help improving people’s healthcare experience.

Given the existing healthcare priorities in Europe and evolving demands of patients in different geographical areas and demographics, the session explored the potential for IoT to deliver the digital transformation of healthcare systems that will revolutionise the sector, and alter the mindset of patients and of medical professionals.

The summit was held on 15-16th of May in Brussels, Belgium.

Source: Connected Health Cluster