Road reconstruction works in the City Centre district

On Monday, June 28, renovation works of the intra-quarter roads of the City Centre district will begin by order of Tallinn Environment and Public Utilities Department. In the course of the works, the asphalt pavement of the streets and sidewalks will be renewed, the dilapidated curbs will be replaced and the wellheads within the determined area will be repaired. Tree pruning and landscaping work are also performed.

Construction works will start on Aasa Street, Saturni Street, Komeedi Street and Aedvilja Street. In addition, renovation works will be carried out this year on Vineeri Street, Lastekodu Street and Tatari Street.

The construction work is performed by Watercom OÜ and the cost of the work is  €663,000. The contractual term of the construction works is September 2021.

Road users are asked to follow the temporary traffic management and the traffic signs installed in the area.