Seabin – sea garbage collector installed in Old City Harbour

Seabin, a sea garbage collector, was installed in Tallinn’s Old City Harbour, the garbage collector removes plastic and other trash from the sea. The project came to life thanks to close cooperation between Tallinn and Helsinki.

According to Kalle Klandorf, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn, the trap tank is emptied of waste every two days, after which the waste is sorted and then analyzed. “The collected data is transferred to the global project database, all of this is done by volunteer students of environmental management at Tallinn University. In addition, the students demonstrate the children participating in the project how the Seabin works, how to sort the garbage and where to take the collected garbage, ”said Klandorf. „Educating children about the garbage in our oceans and seas and its consequences to the ecologic system is of upmost importance. It is vital that everyone knows – your actions matter,“ said the Deputy Mayor Mr. Kalle Klandorf.

Valdo Kalm, CEO of the Port of Tallinn, emphasized that the cleanliness of the sea, environmental protection and sustainability are the keywords on which the Port of Tallinn’s long-term strategic planning is based on. "Clean air and a clean Baltic Sea are our priorities for sustainable development. Last year, the first shore-side electricity solution for vessels at berth was completed, which will serve the Tallinn-Stockholm line ships already this summer. By the end of the year, we will also introduce shore-side electricity for Estonian-Finnish liners moored in the Old Port Harbour, thereby reducing emissions and noise from ship engines in the Old Port. In addition, automatic berthing equipment will be completed at three berths this year, as a result of which ships will have to manuever less, ”said Kalm, adding that the automatic mooring equipment has proved its worth very well on the example of the Port of Helsinki.

Tallinn Urban Environment and Public Works Department will offer different educational activities inspired by the Seabin. In July and August, groups from Tallinn’s kindergartens will participate in the educational programmes and in September, school groups will follow suit. In order to participate in the education programme, groups have to register on a designated website here. Programmes are carried out in Estonian and Russian.

The owner of the device is Wärtsilä Corporation from Finland, the Seabin is in the Old City Harbour for a testing periood of 3 months. The Seabin is installed and maintained by the Port of Tallinn.

Tallinn is the finalist for the title of European Green Capital 2022 award.