Slacklines installed in schoolyards

As part of a charity campaign that took place throughout September, 75 schools across Estonia, including 8 Tallinn schools, received slacklines to promote physical activity among students.

Photo: Ardo Kaljuvee

The aim of the project was to help children move more - through playful, social and entertaining exercise activities. In particular, the emphasis was put on encouraging and inspiring those who are the least active. 

The slackline is equally suitable for students and teachers, both for school lessons and breaks, from preschool to high school students. The charity campaign "Help children move" was organized by the Liikuma Kutsuv Kool program led by the behavioural problem lab of recreational sports of the University of Tartu, the charity fund Aitan Lapsi, and a well-known Estonian brand Mesikäpp. 

Balance tracks with movement support ropes were installed by Slackline.ee. In addition, short training sessions were organized for physical education teachers and everyone interested. Special study videos with developmental exercises were also prepared for the students.

Slackline tracks were installed in eight Tallinn schools this year: Rahumäe Põhikool, Järveotsa Gümnaasium, Haabersti Vene Gümnaasium, Tallinna Südalinna Kool, Gustav Adolfi Gümnaasium, Pae Gümnaasium, Laagna Gümnaasium and Kuristiku Gümnaasium.