Small Tallinn residents receive their name certificates at home

Due to the coronavirus restrictions, Tallinn new citizens whose birth has been registered from the beginning of January to the end of March, receive their name certificates along with a present from the city directly at their home.

"Normally, the city of Tallinn has ceremonially presented the name certificates at the Town Hall, but considering the restrictions in force in the country, it has not been possible to organize events this year," explained Deputy Mayor Betina Beškina. "However, we would like to congratulate all the new parents and greet the new little Tallinners, because such an important and extraordinary event as the birth of a child must be valued and celebrated even in difficult times. I am pleased to say that the parents have been surprised and sincerely grateful for the opportunity.”

In order to limit direct contacts, the Tallinn Vital Statistics Department takes the city's gift home to the parents of babies born at the beginning of the year, by prior agreement with them. The gift consists of the name certificate with hard covers and a milk mug and porridge bowl painted by the artist Helina Tilk, which depicts an animal sign from Chinese astrology marking the child's year of birth.

The presents will be delivered initially until April 23 and 511 parents are scheduled to receive the gift at their home. If desired, the child’s birth certificate may also be issued on paper, which is then delivered along with the gift as well.

Upon the end of the restrictions, Tallinn intends to continue the 19-year-old tradition of handing over the name certificates of new citizens to parents at a festive ceremony in the Town Hall.