Start-ups, women’s success on the career ladder, the occupational health care revolution and the sustainable economy share the limelight at Tallinn Entrepreneurship Day

The 18th Tallinn Entrepreneurship Day took place on Tuesday 28 September and included more than 40 events dedicated to participants ranging from brand new entrepreneurs to senior executives. In total, 2000 people attended the seminars in person and online. This year’s Tallinn Entrepreneurship Day was a hybrid event – selected seminars were streamed online, but the main programme took place in person. This was made possible with the help of 40 partners.

The topics covered included:

  • Women’s successes and setbacks in their careers How has women’s workload increased or decreased in the worlds of work and business compared to the pre-COVID era? The Estonian Women’s Studies and Resource Centre provided an overview of their research. Entrepreneurial women discussed the topic, illustrating it with their own experiences and viewpoints.
  • The occupational health care revolution  The digital revolution has also had an impact on the occupational health care field, providing it with solutions supporting the mental health of employees. Heba representative Eveyln Aaviksoo was in the hot seat, invited to speak by Tehnopol Health Technology Manager and Estonian Connected Health Cluster Director Piret Hirv.
  • Amazon’s sales How does Amazon, which is becoming increasingly popular, make its sales and what major mistakes have they made? Amazon entrepreneurs, one of whom generates revenue of USD 4-5 million a year, shared their experience and advice.
  • Digitalising services This was the story of a company that changed course and headed for digitalisation almost overnight after participating in a training course, thereby increasing their revenue by 1000% in just one year.
  • Start-ups Three different panels were held with start-up entrepreneurs sharing their experiences of starting and building up new companies and adapting to changes.
  • Sustainable management What is the circular economy and how does it work? The speakers discussed the use of compostable products and recycled material in making new products.

Participants were also able to attend a seminar entitled ‘Change or adapt?’ (given in both Estonian and Russian) in which they heard interesting stories from entrepreneurs about how they used the changes from the last year to their benefit.

Speakers at the Estonian-language seminar:

  • Priit Kallas, Iglupark
  • Shalini Mody & Sven Nuum, GraceFit
  • Diana Paakspuu, Re-use Centre 
  • Helen Vihtol, Lahepere Villa 
  • Peeter Ilison, Marit Ilison Creative Atelier 
  • Xenia Joost, Haage 


Speakers at the Russian-language seminar:

  • Kristiina Virt, Diana Arno Fashion House
  • Sofia HallikЮ, SOMA
  • Vladislav Djatšuk, Mon Repos & Päris
  • Kristina Krutšinkina, Nordic Hotel Forum
  • Pavel Gurov, Gurov Agency
  • Eva Võssotskaja, ‘Просто о медицине’ (‘Medicine Put Simply’) Facebook group

Galleries from Entrepreneurship Day and the awards ceremony for the best companies:

Photographers: Maksim Toome, Agne Unn & spikernapike.ee