TMW Creative Impact Conference Future of music, new economy, better cities and design thinking

6-7 April 2018 Tallinn Creative Hub

TMW Creative Impact Conference touches on a variety of topics that revolve around adapting to the challenges of a fast-changing world and overcoming different obstacles. They include questions ranging from matters technological to ecological and beyond.

Kathryn Myronuk, an expert on exponentially growing technologies and one of the founding members of Singularity University, will speak on future skills, learning, and how to adapt to an increasingly technology-centered world.

How to stay competitive in an increasingly digitized world? Hyper Island’s Anna Hagensgård will introduce new ways of thinking and learning within Ideation and Concept Development workshop – a process for groups to work creatively and collaboratively to generate creative ideas.

Is humankind heading towards a bodyhacking augmentation and transhumanist future? Scott Cohen, the co-founder of Cyborg Nest will introduce North Sense – a little gadget about to prompt the evolution in human ability.

Where's the underground revival now and what's the essence of significant nightlife? A discussion about the future of club culture will be held between club reps from Georgia’s famous Bassiani techno club to Serbia’s DIY cultural space Drugstore Beograd.

But how to sustain development and make change when you have nothing? Ruth Daniel, a cultural producer, activist and CEO of the multi-award winning organization In Place of War will tell us how to help community and grassroots organizations in some of the most challenging context in the world – in places of conflict and areas of suffering.

How to stick to your guns in today’s music industry and maintain the ability to keep signing the next big band? Louder Than War’s John Robb will find it out in conversation with the co-owner of the iconic independent music group Rough Trade Jeanette Lee who has played in Public Image Limited and managed bands from The Cranberries to Pulp.

How to battle gender stereotypes and inequality within the music industry?
It takes the high art-humour sensibility and wit of US based Estonian producer, writer and environmental advocate Maria Minerva aka Maria Juur to tackle such burning topic.

Berlin-based music software and hardware company Ableton will host a learning location, Ableton Playground, and talks on creative strategies by Dennis DeSantis and Chagall.