Talliners in need of help can order groceries home

As it is very difficult to get groceries delivered by e-shops who offer the service quickly, the City of Tallinn will provide emergency assistance in cooperation with Stockmann who will deliver the ordered goods to the residents of the city who are in difficult situation.

The Deputy Mayor Mrs Betina Beškina said that the city is in ongoing talks with the representatives of all of the groceries retailers in order to find a suitable solution for helping Talliners in difficult situations. „We all have an opportunity to lend a helping hand to those in difficult situation “ noted Beškina.

„The Social Welfare Departments of our City Districts give information on this new option to the residents of the city who cannot go out for a serious reason,“ explained the Deputy Mayor. „It might be an elderly person or a single parent taking care of a sick child. I would like to emphasize that the person qualifies for the service only in the case of a substantial need in order to assure that those in a critical need of help would get it quickly, for that reason we must not burden the couriers unreasonably.“

The City Districts’ social workers will give the contacts who need the service to Stockmann after which those only in the provided list of names can place their order via phone call.

The payment options available are a card payment or an e-invoice. „In order to pay via an e-invoice, you must inform Stockmann about this when placing the order. In the case of choosing an e-invoice as a payment option, contactless delivery is an option – the courier will leave your grocery bags at the doorstep and will notify the client about it,“ noted Beškina.

While filling the order, the items with the lowest price in the food group will be preffered. The delivery time will also be agreed on when placing the order (if possible, already on the same day). The courier will take the ordered groceries to the client’s address on the delivery time and will notify the client of the completed delivery. Inside Tallinn, the delivery of food is free of charge, the delivery has to happen in 24 hours after the order has been confirmed, grocieries are delivered from 10AM-5PM local time.

After the delivery time has been agreed upon with the client, Stockmann will complete the order. The purchased items will be registred at the checkout and the client will find the receipt in the delivered package. In the case of a card payment, the courier will meet the client when delivering the order with a mobile payment terminal, both the options of contactless payment and PIN-code payment are possible. After each payment the terminal will be wiped with a disinfectant.

The service started on March 23.