Tallinn Central Library to offer support in finding information also in English

The librarians of the Central Library are happy to answer questions regarding everyday life in emergency situation – for example, questions about the quarantine, moving around, travelling and other important areas of life that have changed a lot due to the COVID-19 containing efforts.

One of the most important abilities of librarians is finding and evaluating the quality of information effectively, so contacting the library in search of quality information in many questions is a great idea. In case of time-critical questions or those regarding health, one should turn to the crisis helpline 1247 or to their GP, but in other questions, calling the library might get you the required answer with high quality information quickly.

„A lot of questions can be answered by the librarians using various offical information sources. With the new service, we can effectively lessen the burden of the frontline workers and the ones supporting them,“ said the chief specialist of Tallinn Central Library.

The librarians will answer your calls from Tuesday to Friday 10AM-6PM, the contact number is 683 0917. You can also send your questions via email – ls@tln.lib.ee or make a call via Skype (user name „Tallinn Central Library“).

On the Central Library’s site, one can also ask questions from a live chat platform, you can find in under the button „Küsi meilt“.