Tallinn Hospital design contract signed

Today, Tallinn signed a design contract worth 17.8 million euros with a representative of the Italian companies ATIproject srl and 3TI Progetti, which won the design procurement for Tallinn Hospital.

Mayor of Tallinn Mihhail Kõlvart declared that the contract signed today is an important milestone in the completion of one of the major projects of the century - Tallinn Hospital. “There has been a significant work in recent years to make the construction of a new hospital in Tallinn a reality. With this, we will create a comprehensive hospital organisation and build a modern medical campus instead of the current outdated central hospital buildings. This will immensely improve the availability and quality of treatment, and it is not only for the residents of Tallinn and Harju County, but also for the people from  all over Estonia,” said Kõlvart. “Due to tight schedule, we will do our utmost to meet the requirements set by the European Commission. The design contract signed today is the first of seven checkpoints the city must follow to secure funding from the recovery plan.”

“We are honoured to start working on Tallinn Hospital. We look forward to matching our experience in hospital design with the needs and expectations of Estonian patients and hospital staff to create a contemporary human-centric hospital. Our aim is to design an environment that supports the healing process of patients, enables staff to provide the best care possible and give them the opportunity to enjoy their working environment,” said Branko Zrnic, founding president of ATIproject, leader of the joint venture with 3TI Progetti.

Eight tenderers submitted a proposal for the international design procurement of Tallinn Hospital, one of whom did not meet the requirements of the compliance conditions of the source document. The best bid was made by a joint tender of the Italian companies ATIproject srl and 3TI Progetti, at a cost of € 17.8 million excluding VAT. The winner's offer was the second best technical bid and with most competitive cost, receiving the best total score in the tender procedure. The Tallinn Hospital project includes both the design of the building and the planning of the surrounding area in order to create a holistic, health-promoting environment.

Both companies have international experience in designing large-scale buildings. The project's lead partner, ATIproject srl is an international architecture and engineering company with more than 300 employees, whose majority of work includes public constructions. Over the past ten years, ATIproject has designed 17 hospitals, including Nyt Ouh University Hospital in Odense, Denmark, which is one of Europe's largest hospitals. ATIproject has also involved the Estonian design company Esplan as a local consultant.

According to the plan, design work will start in November 2021 and the preliminary and main design will be completed in the beginning of 2024. Due to the tight schedule, the project has been divided into partially parallel phases. Currently, three construction procurements are planned: for preliminary works in 2023 and then, after the excavation and concrete procurement, for main works in the spring of 2024. The goal is to reach such a level with the construction by the summer of 2026 that it is possible to start the permit procedure for the hospital, and the final move-in is planned for 2027.

In June of this year, the City Council adopted the detailed plan of Tallinn Hospital, and a preliminary design of medical technology has been completed. The latter is an important source material, as it compiles, describes and systematises the medical and production technology of the hospital, as well as technical details necessary for the different parts of the building.

The Tallinn Hospital design project is available HERE.
Video: ATIproject