Tallinn Innovation Fund to support the introduction of smart city solutions in Tallinn with 50,000 euros

The City of Tallinn and Tehnopol Science and Business Campus have announced a Tallinnovation innovation competition to find smart city solutions that will make the city's services and environment even more comfortable and modern for residents and visitors alike.

By backing the innovation competition with 50 000 euros, the organizers hope to support new smart city solutions that will make the City of Tallinn more modern, more people-friendly, more cost-efficient, and more open. The effort should stimulate cooperation between the city and technology firms, creating opportunities to use innovative software products and services. Tehnopol Science and Business Campus is organizing the competition on behalf of the Tallinn City Enterprise Board. 

According to Aivar Riisalu, deputy mayor of the City of Tallinn, smart city solutions generate value for everyone. "Many innovations have already been made in Tallinn today - from the 3D city model and unique local government e-services, to smart sensor or mobility solutions as well as innovative private company solutions. These are just a few examples. Our goal is to make Tallinn a leader in a competitive new economy with smart city solutions and a balanced, green, and safe urban environment for its citizens. The innovation competition is a great opportunity for this and helps to keep pace with the rapid development of technology," Riisalu explained. 

The competition is open to smart city ideas that offer viable alternatives to existing solutions as well as bring a whole new approach to the following focus areas - tourism, the circular economy, community areas, e-services and Tallinn-Helsinki cooperation. Companies registered in Tallinn can participate in the innovation competition. Those who submit the idea have the opportunity to receive financial support, pilot their project, receive contacts, advice and resources from the City of Tallinn, and use the support of the Tehnopol mentor network. 

According to Martin Goroško, head of business development at Tehnopol, smart city solutions are one of Tehnopol's focus areas, and the city itself is a testing environment for many innovative products and services. "Organizing an innovation competition for the City of Tallinn is an important milestone. We have many startups and growing companies whose ideas make the environment around us smart, sustainable, and enjoyable. With financial support, the necessary contacts, and the creation of a testing environment, we are moving closer to the implementation of these ideas," said Goroško. He added that participating in the competition is an opportunity that one just has to seize. 

The "Tallinnovation" competition organized by Tehnopol will take place in two stages.

In the first stage, applications will be reviewed, additional information will be requested, and applicants will be contacted to find the best solutions.

The best solutions selected for the second stage will be presented to a committee consisting of experts in the field from both the city and Tehnopol. Three solutions can receive the maximum amount of support, but ideas that require in-kind contributions, such as testing e-solutions, data collection and the like, are also welcome. The size of the Innovation Fund in 2020 is 50,000 euros.

The competition is open from 11 May and applications can be submitted until 24 August 2020. The advantage of submitting an idea early is the opportunity to supplement your application and receive additional information based on the feedback. You can read more about the competition and submit applications on the following website: innovatsioonikonkurss.tehnopol.ee

 The aim of Tehnopol, the largest research and business campus in the Baltics, is to contribute to the emergence and growth of world-class technology companies in Estonia and to support their expansion into foreign markets. To this end, a comprehensive solution is offered, from commercial real estate to needs-based business development services in three focus areas: smart city, green technology, and health technology.

 Tallinnovation is an international innovation brand of the City of Tallinn, the aim of which is to involve and introduce the introduction of innovative solutions in Tallinn.

More info: https://innovatsioonifond.tehnopol.ee/