Tallinn Introduced the Concept of Free Public Transport in Vilnius

Allan Alaküla (Head of Tallinn EU Office) showcased the hard link between free public transport and the growth of the number of taxpayers of Tallinn on 15 October, during the General Meeting of the European Metropolitan Transport Authorities in Vilnius.

The presentable summit dealt with smart solutions and sustainability of city mobility.

Mr Alaküla sustained in his report that the number of citizens of Tallinn has increased by more than 22,000 people since April, 2012 (since the Referendum on the transition to the free public transport). So the additional accumulation of personal income tax is not only covering the expenses of free public transport but has also been enabling to increase the total budget of the public transport from 53 million to 61 million Euros per year. 

’’This is an upward spiral,“  said Mr Alaküla. ’’The new citizens of Tallinn increase the city budget with their revenues, and thus enable the city to improve the quality of public transport and other public services, which, in turn, enhances the attractiveness of the Capital city as the living and working place for next settlers.“

EMTA was founded in 1998 as the most influential association representing the interests of transportation authorities in Europe. It incorporates 25 major cities in 16 countries.  One of the main goals of the organization is the planning, integrating and financing public transport services in large European Cities and active involvement in the activities of the European Commission in order to guarantee a smooth co-operation between the institutions of the European Union and the transportation agencies.