Tallinn - The city where the future is now

Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia that dreams big and delivers. Being an economic hub for the entire country Tallinn solves its challenges technology-wisely and offers its solutions also to the international community.


History of Tallinn has been a rollercoaster – once a Hanseatic trade city, then an advanced Northern country, followed by 50 years of Soviet occupation, and now, 20 years after the Estonian re-independence, an international and technology-driven city with multicultural and integrated society. The city that welcomes 4.3m visitors annually – 10 times of its population and 3 times more per capita than Singapore.

Tallinn certainly benefits from the image of a start-up and digital city, where IT systems serve the interest of people and make our life fast, convenient and safe. Our e-services (eTax System, Mobile Parking, eSchool, eHealth etc) and Internet applications are among the most progressive in the world, which has brought the NATO cyber security centre and the IT-agency of the European Union here. This year, Tallinn has the privilege to host also the main events during EU Presidency in the second half of 2017 offering the opportunity to showcase our best innovations to the whole Europe.
The user-friendly business environment has attracted a great number of foreign investors and large companies to the city – Ericsson, Kühne + Nagel, Stora Enso, Royal Vopak etc. Most of them have brought their development centres to Tallinn. Being one of the cities in the world with the fastest growing IT industry the city benefits from an expanding startup community and skilled workforce. To support local start-ups and attract talent from abroad, Tallinn and its educational and business partners have established multiple incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces. There is a Tehnopol Science Park (which houses start-ups and growing technology companies) and Ülemiste City (which is developed according to smart city principles) to bring knowledge and enterprise closer together.
As a truly innovative city, Tallinn is also open for futuristic long perspective discussions and plans. Currently, Hyperloop One is interested in the proposed undersea connection between Helsinki and Tallinn, not to mention self-driving cars or parcel delivery robots, which are already legally allowed on the streets.
Tallinn`s innovation philosophy is relying on three streams, leading to competitive, attractive and happy society respectively:

Tallinn as a True eSociety offering a platform for international socio-economic innovation
Tallinn as a Healthy Lifestyle City where living green and healthy life is basic human right
Tallinn as a Let’s Do It Together City where creativity, joint mission & action unite society