Tallinn Zoo closed due to COVID-19 emergency situation

From March 26, Tallinn Zoo will be closed as a measure to contain the spread of COVID-19.

The City of Tallinn has decided to shut down the Zoo as a response to the new public restrictions put in place by the Govermnent of Estonia yesterday. Due to the emergency situation, the number of visits to the zoo has been rather low, but the premises staying open is not a vibale option any more as the risk of the infection spreading in public spaces where people meet, is high.

Mayor of Tallinn, Mr Mihhail Kõlvart noted that the decision made is based on new guildines from the Goverment and by the ongoing constant risk assessment performed by the city officials. "We cannot allow high concentrations of people gathering in public space. Direct contacts must be avoided during these trying times in which the risk of epidemic is very high," added the Mayor.

The Government of Estonia decided that starting from March 25, a distance of at least 2 meters should be kept with other people in public spaces (for example, play areas and sports grounds, beaches, promenades, health and camping tracks) and indoors (exept at home).

According to the Health Board, novel coronavirus spreads mainly as a droplet infection and is easily transmittable via contaminated surfaces.

For more information on the measures taken due to the spread of COVID-19 check our designated webpage HERE.