Tallinn budget 2022 to endorse smart city projects and green transition

In the field of enterprise, Tallinn's 2022 budget will fund smart city projects and support the green transition process, including the creation of a circular economy centre for advising businesses.

Next year, Tallinn plans to almost double its funding for business-related projects. "This will facilitate a range of events that are important for the business sector and will also help raise the profile of the city – for example, the city has supported events such as Robotex, the world's largest robotics festival, and the international technology conference Latitude59, " said Joosep Vimm, Deputy Mayor for Enterprise. 

"Tallinn is a great city to experiment with different innovative solutions that have immense potential to improve people’s lives and make the city more environmentally sustainable," said Mr Vimm. "We are supporting the testing of ten innovation projects in the city during 2022. By testing smart city solutions, the city will be lending a hand to the innovation that private companies alone would struggle to promote."

As an important strategic investment in the business field, the city will contribute half a million euros to the Tallinn Entrepreneurship Incubator to support the formation of a new creative circular economy centre at the heart of the city. The centre will help start-ups and existing companies in product design to thrive and provide advice on the circular economy to those who seek it. "Over the years, the Creative Incubator has proven itself as a viable and necessary support for entrepreneurs and Tallinn aims to do its part to ensure the best opportunities for entrepreneurship," explained Vimm.

From spring 2022, Tallinn's waste stations will be open every day, and different ways of dropping off waste for free will be tested. These are all measures to make it easier and more accessible for residents to make environmentally sustainable choices. "Green transition is only possible through cross-sectoral cooperation, and the goals of the green transition have a prominent place in the city budget," Vimm added.

The tourism sector, which is in a difficult situation, will receive support from the city in destination marketing next year. In cooperation with Enterprise Estonia, the City of Tallinn will help to revive demand, so that tourists will be able to find Tallinn on the map and will be more eager to visit the city.

Tallinn's city budget for 2022 is currently being discussed by the City Council. According to the draft, the city's 2022 budget will have a total revenue and expenditure of €1.033 billion, which is €76.4 million, or 8% more than this year's revised budget. Investment in 2022 will amount to €269 million, almost twice as much as in the 2021 revised budget.