Tallinn growing as a conference destination

The year 2018 saw 4,241 conferences held in Tallinn, with 251,531 participants altogether. Compared to the previous year, the number of events in total increased by 13% and the number of participants increased by 6%.

Companies who organise conferences in Tallinn have submitted data to the Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau since 2001.

According to the submitted data, 5,300 conferences were held in Estonia in 2018 (an increase of 12% compared to the 4,748 organised in 2017).

Of all the conferences held in Estonia, four fifths were organised in Tallinn (78%).

International events (971) comprised 22% of all conferences held in Estonia, 87% of which were organised in Tallinn (849 events).

For more detailed information see our summary of Tallinn conference events in 2018.

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If you have an interest in organising a conference in Tallinn, or would like additional information about conferences in the capital, please contact Tallinn Convention Bureau: convention@tallinnlv.ee.