Tallinn has updated the "ABCs of Public Facilities and Maintenance" guide

The updated edition of the "ABCs of Public Facilities and Maintenance" guide, which provides information on the urban environment, birds and animals, waste, playgrounds and cemeteries, is available on the Tallinn Maintenance Month website. The guide is published in Estonian, Russian and English.

"Everyone can contribute to the cleanliness of our shared urban space, whether they own a property, live in a rented apartment or are just visiting the city. The city provides a wide range of services related to maintenance and the environment, with an emphasis on improving landscaping and natural diversity," said Deputy Mayor Vladimir Svet. "In order to make it easier and more convenient for the citizens of Tallinn to find their way around these issues, the Tallinn Urban Environment and Public Works Department has produced a guidebook 'The ABCs of Public Facilities and Maintenance', which is now up to date." 

The guide provides an overview of the city's landscaping, urban gardening, playgrounds, cemeteries and waste sorting principles. It also provides guidelines for property owners and pet owners, and information on how to deal with birds and wild animals living in or wandering to the city. The guide focuses mainly on services provided by the City of Tallinn in the area of urban environment and public works. The guide also provides contact details for city officials in charge of the city's maintenance.

The guide has been updated with information that has changed over the year, for example, a new dog-walking park has been added. Information on winter heating has also been added, and the waste and recycling section has been updated and amended.

"The ABC of Public Facilities and Maintenance is available at: tallinn.ee/The-ABC-of-Public-Facilities-and-Maintenance.