Tallinn improves cycle safety at city centre junctions and stops

Tallinn is seeking feedback on plans to improve the user-friendliness and safety of cycle lanes at a number of key public transport stops and intersections in and near the city centre.

"We want to develop Tallinn's cycle infrastructure and safety is a key component of expanding the cycle network," said Tallinn Deputy Mayor Vladimir Svet. "So in addition to the comprehensive development of new cycle paths, we are improving the safety of a number of intersections and public transport stops in and around the city centre. Before starting with the process, we are asking for the local community’s feedback on these designs."

The plans will be implemented this autumn and next spring. Improvements are planned at the public transport stops on Kaarli puiestee, Mere puiestee, in Tõnismäe and in front of the Tallinn University main building, as well as on Gonsiori, Fr. Kuhlbars, Laulupeo and Vesivärava streets, at the intersection of Majaka and Lasnamäe streets and at the intersection of Tuukri and Petrooleumi streets. Feedback is welcome by email to Karel.Saar@tallinnlv.ee  until Tuesday 26 April.

Preliminary drafts of the proposed changes to the public transport stops are available here.

At the bus stops on Kaarli puiestee and Vabaduse väljak and Tõnismäe, separate bus platforms will be built on the site of the current bus stop, so that the cycle path will run between the platform and the sidewalk. Buses are planned to stop in the bus lane. The proposed solution would make the street space more pleasant and safer for pedestrians, bus users and cyclists. Where possible, new landscaping will be added at the bus stop. The preliminary design also shows locations where new cycle parking facilities can be installed.

At the Estonia puiestee and Tallinn University stops, the waiting area with new shelters will be located along the street. The pedestrian and cyclist areas will be organised in a way that makes the stops more comfortable and safer.

Preliminary drafts of the proposed changes to the intersections are available here.

On Gonsiori street, in the area of the intersection of Kuhlbars, Laulupeo and Vesivärava streets, and on the cycle path to the Ilves bridge, the Gonsiori street layout will be partially adapted to make walking and cycling safer and more comfortable. This is the first step towards improving the design of Gonsiori street, an important part of the core network of cycle paths.

At the intersection of Majaka and Lasnamäe streets, the geometry of the intersection will be modified and the space for pedestrians and cyclists will be improved. The modifications will help to create a better connection between Gonsiori and Majaka streets via the Siug pedestrian and cyclist bridge, completed last year, which has become an important link between the city centre and Lasnamäe.

At the intersection of Tuukri and Petrooleumi streets, the geometry of the intersection will be partially modified to make crossing the intersection more comfortable and safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

In addition to the above, a gradual improvement of the safety of the bicycle lanes is planned.