Tallinn is a strategic partner of the Green Tiger sustainability initiative

On Wednesday, August 26, the Mayor of Tallinn, Mihhail Kõlvart, and the representative of the Green Tiger, Eva Truuverk, signed a memorandum of intent, according to which the City of Tallinn will participate in the Green Tiger program as a strategic cooperation partner.

The aim of the cooperation is to support the implementation of environmentally friendly initiatives in the city and the green leap in the society. This means that the city of Tallinn is one of the pioneers and advocates in carrying out a wider green turn as a cooperation partner, and the foundation supports the city in this role. 

The Mayor of Tallinn, Mr. Mihhail Kõlvart noted that the iconic Tiger Leap helped Estonian IT sector to get where it is today and the Green Tiger will help to create a new, sustainable and balanced economic system. „As the biggest municipality in the country, Tallinn will be one of the leading partners in the Green Tiger program. By this, we are setting an example,“ noted Kõlvart. „A real, principal green shift is possible only in cooperation of the public, private and third sector organisations. We can all make a contribution for the cleaner state of environment, also in our everyday life as individuals.“

The lead of the Green Tiger, Eva Truuverk, noted that Tallinn’s intitiative in cooperating with the Green Tiger showcases that the city takes running for the title of European Green Capital seriously. Substantive changes that have been waited for many years are to take place in the system. „It is a big challenge for the Green Tiger and Tallinn as well, but everyone will win if we succeed,“ said Truuverk.

The aim of the agreement is to state the good will of the parties - city as the strategic partner and the Green Tiger as the platform for supporting change, in preparing and implementing the programme of the city as a finalist of the European Green Capital 2022 award. The foundation will also give the city an input on how to accomplish our green goals and also for the action plan of the city as the finalist of European Green Capital 2022. The foundation will make a proposal of at least four city-wide events for the city of Tallinn’s plan of 2022.

The city’s participation in the program consists of much more that the implementation of theoretical knowledge, real changes are due. The city will look through the logic of its procedures through the prism of sustainability. Tallinn will also support other public organisations in the process of sustainable change.  

The Green Tiger is a cooperation platform that bears a goal to raise environmental awareness and lay the foundation for balanced economy. The mission of the Green Tiger is to create and implement environmentally friendly practices in all sectores and to design a system of balanced economy.

Tallinn is one of the four finalists running for the title of 2022 European Green Capital Award. Altogether, 18 cities ran for the title this year, Dijon, Grenoble and Turin are in the final as well. An international jury will select the winner of the 2022 title and the award will be presented at the 2020 European Green Capital in Lisbon, October 8.