Tallinn is again seeking the best entrepreneurs and business developers

This autumn, the City of Tallinn will be organising an entrepreneurship competition for the 16th time in order to honour local entrepreneurs and business developers. Within the framework of the competition, the following will be recognised: the real estate development that best promotes entrepreneurship or tourism; the best business-to-business project, startup, tourism achievement, job creator and responsible company. For the first time, an award will also be presented for the best future solution.

In addition to the awards in the seven main categories, additional prizes will be awarded to the best applied science projects in cooperation with the Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn University, Estonian Academy of Arts, and Foundation of Applied Higher Education Institutions.

Applications can be submitted on the Tallinn Enterprise Day website until September 10th.

Apply for the 2019 development project award, if you have completed a real estate development that helps to design a contemporary urban space that promotes entrepreneurship or tourism, as well as creates or helps to create an attractive living environment.

Apply for the 2019 cooperation project award, if you have completed a project that has been executed through the effective cooperation of companies, research and development institutions and/or third sector organisations that share similar interests, and the results of which have a great potential to achieve financial success.

Apply for the 2019 brightest startup award , if you have started a business in Tallinn during the last three years, so we can recognise your entrepreneurship, innovative thinking and rapid development.

Apply for the 2019 tourism achievement award, if you have completed a project this year that has added value to Tallinn as a tourist destination and increased its renown. 

Apply for the 2019 job creator award , if during the last year you have made investments in Tallinn or its immediate vicinity that have expanding your activities and created at least 10 new jobs.

Apply for the 2019 responsible company award, if you have taken responsibility for the impact of your activities on society by including an economic, environmental as well as social dimension in the company’s activities that takes various interest groups into consideration and creates added value for all the involved parties. We wish to recognise Tallinn’s sustainable entrepreneurs, their social and environmental innovation and entrepreneurship.

Apply for the 2019 future solution award, if, during the last two years, you have introduced a new or significantly improved product, service, technology or business model to the market that has improved the city’s environment, made it smarter and help society to develop.

Three nominees will be chosen in each category from which the winner will be selected. The winners will be announced on October 9th at the formal Tallinn Enterprise Day reception.

The winners of the 2018 enterprise awards were:

  • Development project of 2018: History Discovery Centre at the Estonian History Museum
  • Cooperation project of 2018: Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster, Estonian Woodhouse Association
  • Brightest Startup of 2018: Software developer Catapult Labs
  • Tourism Accomplishment of 2018: UEFA Super Cup match in Tallinn, Estonian Football Federation
  • Job Creator of 2018: Estonian branch of TransferWise Ltd, the financial technology company
  • Responsible Company of 2018: Eesti Pandipakend OÜ, the deposit-packaging collection and recycling company
  • Eco-Innovation of 2018: Mulieres OÜ, the manufacturer of natural cleaning products


The business competition is part of the Tallinn Entrepreneurship Day that takes place every autumn, and which will be held on October 8th of this year. The goal of Entrepreneurship Day is to value and recognise entrepreneurship, to encourage the realisation of good and audacious ideas and, in addition to sharing new knowledge, to provide an opportunity for broader networking. The Tallinn Enterprise Department is organising Entrepreneurship Day for the 16th time and this year’s theme is ‘Dare to Think, Dare to Act!’. Participation in Entrepreneurship Day is free.    


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