Tallinn is turning into a fairy tale city

On the darkest time of the year, Tallinn will have more than 300 lighting installations, of which 100 will be totally new, all over the city. In this way Tallinn becomes a winter wonderland right before Christmas.

„This year, everything will be different, including Christmas. This year Christmas will be brighter and full of light.” said the mayor of Tallinn Mihhail Kõlvart. „We wish that the lighting intallations will bring brightness and warmth to the city, and bring joy to people’s hearts despite the darkness outside. This way, even in the harsh corona times, we are able to create special feelings that Christmas brings to our souls, and although traditional events cannot be organized this winter, we still hope that everyone will find their Christmas spirit, does not matter whether it’s big or small.“  

The mayor said, that more than 300 lighting installations will give us something amazing to discover all around the city. „In addition to the familiar lighted trees and fountains, light chains and sculptures and, of course, Christmas trees, around 100 new lighting solutions can be seeen all over the city this year,“ said Kõlvart. „When placing them, we kept in mind that both pedestrians and car users would have something to see. But above all, we wish that people would come out for a walk and get a direct share of those wonderful Christmas lights. And trust me there is exciting solutions to see.“   

According to the mayor, one of the most spectacular and unique installations will be installed to Freedom Square. „It is a novel and magnificent fountain of lights that will get bigger and more spectacular with every Advent and reaches its full glory for the Christmas holidays,“ added Kõlvart. 

On 4.-6. December all interested can enjoy the mini-festival "Little Light" on Towers Square, where Estonian lighting artists show their work. 

„Lights of Kadriorg, that were cancelled in autumn, will lead to the Towers Square. The Towers Square will become a park that changes over time, to which new installations will also be added throughout December,“ said the manager of Kadriorg’s Park Ain Järve. He also added that unique sight will occur in Toompark next to Snelli pond - light oaks from all districts, a total of eight trees, will "grow" there. „Next to the Estonian National Opera, a spruce secret forest will rise on the new market’s square, so that everyone who does not have the capacity to drive out of the city can also enjoy the smell of spruce and all of that in the heart of the city,“ said Järve. 

In the Old Town, Vene and Viru streets will have a new and unified design, following the line of rounded windows, doors and vaults. The streets will also be decorated with small spruces, which have already become a tradition, creating a fabulous atmosphere throughout the Old Town. 

„One by one, four huge Christmas lanterns appear in the Old Town and to its surroundings, where people can sneak in and feel like an elf,“ said Ain Järve. 

The new solutions on the Pirita bridge are iridescent ships, that are representative to the district. The pillars at the base of the Laagna tee bridges will also be wrapped with light chains, and for the joy of the walkers there will also be a Christmas decorations along the beach promenade of Stroom and the surroundings of Õismäe pond, where a total of two kilometers of light chains will be placed. Street lighting posts on Tartu maantee from the airport to the bus station will be decorated with Christmas lights as well and cornflower motifs will be placed on the green area next to Tartu maantee flyover. New decorations will also embellish the street lights on Pärnu maantee, Paldiski maantee and Mustamäe tee.