Tallinn museums are open again, following the effective restrictions

In connection with the alleviating of corona restrictions, it will be possible to visit several museums in Tallinn again this week and see both reopening and brand new exhibitions. It is required to wear a mask and follow the 2+2 rule when visiting museums, and there is a 25% occupancy restriction in force in the exhibition halls.

The Tallinn City Museum will gradually reopen the exhibitions in its seven branches from this week, and there are both exhibitions ongoing from before the lockdown and all new exhibitions displayed. From Tuesday, May 4, the City Museum and the Kiek in de Kök Fortifications Museum in the Old Town, as well as the Children's Museum Miiamilla in Kadriorg will be open again. From Wednesday, May 5, the Museum of Photography behind the Town Hall and the Tallinn Russian Museum on Pikk Street will be reopened. House of Peter the Great in Kadriorg will remain closed for now due to research.

Open from May 4:

Kiek in de Köki Insurance Museum exhibition “Urban Animal. Cow, Bedbug and Dragon in the history of Tallinn” takes us to a medieval city street, where you can see the life of domestic animals from the pigsty to the party table. Meanwhile, the world of wild and untamed animals is opened in the basement of the tower. Read more

Open from May 4:

In front of and inside the Children's Museum Miiamilla, you can see Arvo Iho's photo exhibition "Changing Old Kadriorg". Through the camera lens of the photographer, film director and cameraman Arvo Iho, one can see the views and living environment of Kadriorg during 2009–2020. The documentary photo exhibition takes the viewer on a tour from the past to the present. In addition, groups have the opportunity to participate in thematic park tours. Contacts

Open from May 5:

In the Museum of Photography, the portrait exhibition "EHA" by Sirli Raitma, an Estonian photographer living in London, tells the story of the photographer's mother, portraying her in unusual situations, poses and clothing. Read more

Open from May 6:

In the garden of Kalamaja Basic School, Vabriku tn 18, joint exhibition of Kalamaja Museum and Kalamaja Basic School "My mother (s)" is open. Contacts

Open from mid-May:

The exhibition “Indecent Tallinn” of the City Museum (Vene 17) talks about the desires of the people of Tallinn and the taboos that accompanied them through time. Urban sexual behaviour and prostitution in Tallinn are observed from the 15th century to World War II. Contacts

From this week you can also visit several other museums and cultural facilities in Tallinn. For example, the summer season of the Tallinn Botanical Garden was opened on May 1, and from May 3, you can visit the freshly renovated palm house and greenhouses. Visitors are continuously welcome at the Tallinn Zoo, where outdoor exhibits and enclosures were also open during the restrictions, and from this Tuesday, the Small Tropical House and the Pachyderm House will additionally be opened. The Large Tropical House and the indoor enclosure of the Children's Zoo will remain closed. A more detailed overview of the museums and other places opening this week can be found on the Visit Tallinn website.

Events and thematic city tours by Tallinn City Museum to introduce the history of Tallinn from different angles will also be organised (mainly in Estonian).

May 6 - City tour “Criminal Tallinn” starting from Kiek in de Kök. Read more
May 8 – Thematic walk in search of urban animals "Where is the cow with the dragon" starting from the Kiek in de Kök Fortifications Museum, in Estonian and Russian. Read more
May 9 – “A Good Mother's Day” in the courtyard of Children's Museum Miiamilla. Read mor
May 10, 11, 17 and 18 - excursions in Estonian and Russian "The lids of Kalamaja sewer holes". Read more
May 12 - "Kadriorg through the eyes of a photographer" – a walk led by photographer and cameraman Arvo Iho, who shows Kadriorg's most colorful houses and talks about how he has tried to capture their change. Read more
May 13 - Walking tour “Cinema is a must! Filmed in Tallinn” starting with the Kiek in de Kök Fortifications Museum. Read more
May 15 - City animals-themed walk "Where is the cow with the dragon" starting from the Kiek in de Kök Fortifications Museum, in Estonian. Walking tours around the city to talk about how animals were kept in the old Reval i.e. Tallinn. Read more
May 15 – City tour "Indecent Tallinn" introduces the mischievous locations in Tallinn and gives a taste of the exhibition “Indecent Tallinn” in the Tallinn City Museum. Read more